Sometimes you just need a little extra cash. Whether you’re buying a new computer, or just want a single loan to consolidate multiple loans, a personal loan from Empower Credit Union can help! And with payroll deductions and automatic withdrawals, we make it easy to pay your loan! If you have questions or need more information, please contact us at (414) 988-6600 or click here to apply online!

Kwik Cash Line of Credit

This is an open-end line of credit loan product that functions as an overdraft source for your Empower CU Checking account, as well as a revolving line of credit to use as needed to fuel your financial lifestyle. You can establish a line of credit up to $15,000 (subject to approved credit and loan policy limits). On those occasions where your account balance is not sufficient to cover a payment request, no matter what the source – VISA Debit Card purchase, scheduled online bill payment, or a check – an advance is made on your behalf from your available line of credit to honor the payment. The cost to you is only the interest on the loan advance until you pay it off – in most cases, the interest you pay will be well below the fees incurred for a dishonored payment due to a lack of available funds in your account. With Kwik Cash account, you can say “good-bye” to those embarrassing moments due to an innocent oversight and save yourself money too!

Unsecured Loan

You can borrow up to $15,000 (subject to approved credit and loan policy limits) in unsecured credit for any purpose. All loan limits and terms are subject to individual credit history and score.

Share Secured Loan

When the best financing decision is to use your own money, Empower CU offers an economical way to achieve that goal. You can borrow 100% of your funds on deposit for just 3% above the highest tier of the declared Regular Share Account dividend rate. We offer a flexible repayment term of up to 60 months.

Share Certificate Secured Loan

You can borrow 100% of your funds on deposit for 3% above the declared Share Certificate Account dividend rate. We offer a flexible repayment term of up to the term of the certificate.

Empower Credit Union has a Reflective Lending Program to help as many as possible obtain credit.

We realize that some of our members have experienced some difficulty with their credit in the past and as a result, we or other lenders may have rejected their loan request forcing these members to pay higher rates elsewhere. Our goal is to help as many members as possible with our Reflective Lending Program. The rate you the member will pay for your loan is determined by your very own credit history. Members with exceptional credit histories will receive our very best rates. Other members, who may have had past credit issues, will be assigned rates consistent with their credit history. It is our goal that these rates will almost always be lower than they may be currently paying with other lenders.

We encourage all our members to call us regarding our Reflective Lending Program. Our goal is to help you obtain credit and improve your credit history. If you are not sure what rate you are paying another lender, call them first, then call us! We want to help! Call us at (414) 988-6600.

Empower Credit Union reports all loan activity monthly to consumer reporting agencies.